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Spotlight on Service

At ANSER we are lucky enough to be located very close to the Boise River. We take every opportunity to learn from the river, its ecology, and its inhabitants. Because the river gives us so much, we like to do what we can to help the river in return. One of the ways we help the river stay healthy is to remind people to not pour dangerous chemicals down storm drains. The water and other fluids from storm drains eventually reach the Boise River.

Every year we have a group of students who team up with the City of Boise to mark storm drains. This is an easy activity that can be done by civic groups, schools, families and individuals. It’s a great service project for both young and old, and everyone in-between.

For more information about this project please contact:

Julie Quinn
City of Boise

Two of the many ways ANSER serves the community is though Sixth Grade Year Of Service (SOS), and as part of our Community Based Curriculum (CBC). For more about all of ANSER’s Service Learning programs please contact our Service Learning Coordinator Michelle Dunstan.

Service–Learning is…

…combining classroom work with service and social action – learning by doing and giving. It is the giving part that answers the “why” questions students often ask about school.
– Growing Hope, NYLC

“Quality service-learning results when there is a strong connection between meaningful service to the community and curriculum-based learning.”
– Turner Middle School Philadelphia , PA

…I thought real hard about how I became different… You are your schema. Every day your schema grows bigger; like a tree…becoming bigger and more enchanting. All events make changes; some are minor, some are big, some are conscious, others are not. All I know now is that this module made my tree grow bigger…You could give me $21,000 dollars and I would never give up my experience with Anne.
– ANSER 5th Grade Student