ANSER Public Charter School


ANSER is an award-winning public charter school with a whole child approach to education and where the building of “community” within each classroom and the school itself is a shared vision. ANSER's collaborative program considers students' academic, emotional, physical, and social needs in a cooperative and supportive environment.

The Independent School District of Boise approved ANSER's petition for a charter in September of 1998. ANSER first opened its doors to 112 students in September of 1999 in a former downtown Boise office building. The school moved to its current location, a former athletic club, in December of the same year. For the 2005-2006 school year, 215 students are enrolled in grades K-8.

What’s In A Name?

Our name, ANSER, is Latin for goose. Geese are birds with extraordinary learning capacity, social skills, individuality, stamina, and physical health. The name was selected to reflect the sense of community at our school.

Geese fly in formation and use thrust to fly farther and faster than they ever could by themselves. They rotate positions while flying to increase endurance, and their honking encourages continuing community effort.

Finally, geese will stay with an injured bird until it dies or recovers before joining another formation and continuing the journey. These characteristics of a supportive and collaborative community are embodied in the name ANSER.


2006 ANSER Charter School